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Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion Inaugural Meeting


Sunday January 11, 2009 The Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion will host it’s first meeting.  Bring yourself, a friend, fabric scraps and things to mend and food to share.

Topics to be covered:  mending techniques, button sewing techniques and making a fabric covered buttons from washers and fabric scraps.  Bring a coat with holes in the pockets, shirts with missing buttons, and pants with holes in the knee.  Brunchluck (breakfast/lunch potluck) to start at noon, demos at 1ish and free sewing instruction until 4pm.  Drop in when you can, leave when you need to.  Nothing to mend?  Bring a project to work on or a question to ask.

All are welcome!


Sew Many Ways to Help


If you are looking to donate your new found sewing skills, check this article about sewers who are using their skills to respond to disasters.

Proteus Gowanus


Brooklyn Gallery focuses on the topic of Mends.  If you are in or around brooklyn I recommend you check it out.



Check out this great musical  They were two of the three hosts for the Brooklyn SEWING REBELLION. 

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn – Alterations


Alterations give new life to a garment which may have been in your closet for years.  Beck, was in the process of transforming a oversized skirt, into a fun party dress.  

Just in time for some cold wet weather, she also updated the look of this red wool coat.  She nip in the waist and shortened the length.  

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn – Vintage tools


One of the evenings themes was getting used to using a sewing machine.  These two machines are beautiful examples of vintage machines, which are still in great running order.  With a little bit of sewing machine oil, and some good use, they will be running for years to come.  The also make great objects to have around the house.

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn – Mends 2


Erin’s favorite shirt also need some repair.  Check out the bold red patch!  Ah, the simple pleasures.  

SEWING REBELLION Lancaster PA – alterations


Tim brought his own sewing machine, and altered two vintage jackets.  To alter jackets, it’s best to follow the seams.  Another good tip is to put the jacket or garment on inside out, so the pinning happens on the side you will be sewing on.

SEWING REBELLION Lancaster PA – Patched Jeans


Rob has been patching this pair of jeans for three years.  He uses iron on patches and hand stitches around the edges.

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn – mends


Alex first US visit included a stop at the SEWING REBELLION.  His travel worn shirts need some patching.  Check out one of Alex’s collaborative projects: