Makers Faire Production










Setting up Craft Leftovers / Sewing Rebellion booth. Production Materials: Kristin brought a machine from Iowa, a serger and machine were on lone from folks in SF, the American Conservatory Theater supplied us with 5 bags of donated cloths,  I shipped scraps from Fresh Karma, an LA based garment manufacturing company which sources their materials from textile recycling, and also bought 100 zippers for 10.00 in the garment district, and used thread and buttons on had on hand.










Nicely tucked behind the craft lecture stage, in the craft pit, of the expo center of the Makers Faire.  The quiet before the storm!











Between participants on Saturday Morning, Made this machine pin cushion from two cuffs, and some bra padding.










Kristin (CIA Sewing Rebellion Chapter Organizer / Craft Leftovers Founder) helps participant make pencil pouch.












Sewing a button on the finished pencil pouch.












Elizabeth shows off her shirt sleeve bag.












A participant made a I-phone bag, from scraps from an old dress.  









Complete with neck ties and a zipper.












Grace made a great mini wallet from a shirt cuff.












Valerie returned to the booth, found two shirts.  She cut the top off one XX t-shirt…..










sewed the two pieces together…












and made this great, Frank’in Fashion dress.












Susan, added a zipper to  the back seam of this hoodie…










creating a shawl collar design detail.












Nicole made this necklace from scraps she found on the floor of our booth!










Tom mends he’s favorite jeans.  He chose a contrasting thread, enhancing the mended area.










On Sunday afternoon the space was in full production!










good thing we expanded the day before, when no one showed up to the booth next door.










Sherri Lynn Woods, brought her Mercy Quilt projected, and participants from Craft Leftovers and Sewing Rebellion, participated by embroidering the names of soldiers killed in the Iraq war (American and Iraqi).













Rachel completed the only East German shopping bag.












Responding to the accumulation of stuff at the Faire, Lynn made a back pack from the  top of a pair of jeans and a long metal zipper!












Lisa used the serger machine to sew this denim leg pant lunch bag for her daughter.

The list could go on and on… was hard to capture all the production!


Thanks to all the particpants and SF based folks who helped the Sewing Rebellion set up production for the Makers Faire.


Have a wonderful summer.


and continue to Stop Shopping, Start Sewing!


One Response to “Makers Faire Production”

  1. Howard Blair Says:

    Saw a story in our paper on your group. GREAT IDEA. May daughter and I owned a sewing machine dealership which we made 4th in the country. After selling the store she started another company making CD embroidery discs. Sewing has been very good to us and my mother taught me to sew and my wife taught my daughter and son how to sew..Good for you..keep up the good work. Howard Blair

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