From the field: Germany: Mended Trousers

I met Bure (Stockhlom, sweden) at the Hababusch Hostel, in Weimar.  
Bure, is a street performer, taxi driver, who lived in a tent outside stockholm for three years, because he was tired of working stupid jobs.  He wore these pants out one night, and of coarse I had share them with you.  He purchased them second hand, at that time they were tan, without mends. 


































Bure, uses what he has on hand for thread – in one case dental floss worked great.












the trousers have also become a canvas for political action, and commentary about the happenings in Sweden.  These trousers are a wonderful example of Thoreau’s comment’s about mending, and garments people one with our bodies the longer they are worn.


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