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Changing Outfits


Ames chapter of the Sewing Rebellion becomes Ames,

I (Kristin) finally made the decision to make the change over from the Sewing Rebellion to Ames (ames collaborative art). You can read all about it here on the Ames website as well as see new upcoming events.

We are still having free workshops (or suggested donation only events) at the ames progressive, but we are now having events all around town. Make sure to check the calendar page of the website often or to sign up for the newsletter to hear all about it.

We have two events this Sunday: Community Art Discussion Group from  1-2 and then from 2-4 a Codex Book Binding Workshop at the Ames Progressive. RSVP (optional) on

Frau Fiber, wishes you the best of luck, in bringing transformative art to Ames Iowa!


September Production


Brooklyn – TBA



Chicago Chapter-

     Sunday September 20, 12 – 4 PM, Mess Hall,

     6932 North Glenwood Ave, Chicago IL



Lancaster PA Chapter –
     TBA, Location to be determined



Los Angeles Chapter – Frau Fiber will host

     Sunday September 20, 3-7 PM, Hands-on 3rd,

     8377 W. Third St., LA CA, 90048, 323.655.0515



Check out the national blog for updates –



Participants of the Sewing Rebellion are invited to emancipate themselves from the global garment industry by learning how to alter, mend and make their own garments and accessories!  Instigated by Frau Fiber, textile worker and activist.  Frau Fiber and / or regional chapter organizers distribute their knowledge of the garment industry, pattern making and sewing, encouraging the reuse, renovation and recycling of existing garments and textiles in the creation of unique items tailored to individual tastes and body shapes.


Participants are asked to bring garments to mend, alter and remake and sewing problems, which need solutions, materials to share and if you have it a sewing machine.


Instructions on hand: 

sew a button

make a mend

thread a needle

turn and roll hem

Penny Pinching Coin Purse

East German Shopping Bag

tablecloth circle skirt


Join the Sewing Rebellion, an economic tactic for change of the apparel industry. 


The Sewing Rebellion is a free workshop, which began @ Mess Hall, in Chicago Fall of 2006.  It was hosted at Mess Hall for one year, before becoming itinerant in May 2007.  The Sewing Rebellion has been held @ Fancy Tiger, Denver CO, Recycle for the Arts, New Orleans, LA, The Smockshop, LA CA and the John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan WI.  

From the field: Frau Fiber calls on William Morris


Wealth is what Nature gives us and what a reasonable man can make out of the gifts of Nature for his reasonable use.  The sunlight, the fresh air, the unspoiled face of the earth, food, rainment and housing necessary and decent; the storing up of knowledge of all kinds, and the power of disseminating it; means of free communication between man and man (human and human); owrks of art, the beauty which man (human) creates when he is most a man, most aspiring and thoughtful-all things which serve the pleasure of people, free, manly (humanly), and uncorrupted.  This is wealth.

Useful Work v. Unless Toil

William Morris

(some corrections by Frau Fiber)


wm weaving











cartoon of William Morris Weaving

WM gallery











WM detail

From the field: Fabric Shops in Walthamstow, London


On the way to William Morris Gallery, came up out of the underground, and discovered this wonderful market street!  Wonderful because it was filled with temporary fabric stalls, and fabric shops.  You could purchase a bowl of fruit / veggies or a yard of fabric for 50p.  Which is about 1$.