From the field: Frau Fiber calls on William Morris

Wealth is what Nature gives us and what a reasonable man can make out of the gifts of Nature for his reasonable use.  The sunlight, the fresh air, the unspoiled face of the earth, food, rainment and housing necessary and decent; the storing up of knowledge of all kinds, and the power of disseminating it; means of free communication between man and man (human and human); owrks of art, the beauty which man (human) creates when he is most a man, most aspiring and thoughtful-all things which serve the pleasure of people, free, manly (humanly), and uncorrupted.  This is wealth.

Useful Work v. Unless Toil

William Morris

(some corrections by Frau Fiber)


wm weaving











cartoon of William Morris Weaving

WM gallery











WM detail


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