From the Field: Mothers Union Sewing Group

mothers union sewing group

The Mother’s Union sewing group at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Poshai, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

I was recently emailed this image, did a bit of research about what they are doing, and I think this is it:  Garment Making – Funding for this project will benefit the health status of the HIV/AIDS affected people and sustain families headed by women and children. The participants will be trained in a skill and be able to receive an income. This project will support one group of 30 participants. The costs will include materials, accessories, two manuals and one electric sewing machine, training, personnel and administration, and transportation.


2 Responses to “From the Field: Mothers Union Sewing Group”

  1. Fiona Thomas Says:

    Great to see this profile on here – thank you. If readers want to support sewing projects with Mothers’ Union income generation and vocational training initiatives, such as one in Drusula Balaba Vocational Training School, Uganda, or similar projects in Kenya or Zimbabwe, contact our worldwide grants team who will be able to let you know where funding gaps are for 2010.

  2. Darrin Bantay Says:

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