October Production Memo:

October Production Memo:  Frau Fiber speaks out about disposable apparel.

When asking yourself why, do you spend Sunday afternoons once a month to alter, mend or make a new garment?

Consider for a moment, the great deal of disposable apparel goods in the world!  Hurtful to the buyer, more hurtful to the seller, if they only knew it, and most hurtful to the maker! Can we imagine a system, getting long lasting apparel, where the workers were paid a living wage? Can we resolve to purchase nothing but garments made by workers who are paid a living wage?  Instead of having, as we too often have now, very low paid workers producing disposable goods?

The Sewing Rebellion proposes to start honoring the labor of the garments you already have, buy repairing and remaking them, increasing their life, and creating a hybrid garment made of cheep off shore labor, and your labor!

As winter sets in around the country, dig through your closet to find what sweaters need a mend, or trousers, which will last another season with a patch here or there.

National Chapters will be meeting at the following locations:

Lancaster PA Chapter –
TBA, Location to be determined http://lancastersewingrebellion.blogspot.com/

Chicago Chapter-

Sunday October 18, 12 – 4 PM, Mess Hall,

6932 North Glenwood Ave, Chicago IL


Los Angeles Chapter –

Sunday October 18, 3-7 PM, Hands-on 3rd,

8377 W. Third St., LA CA, 90048, 323.655.0515


Brooklyn – TBA


don't throw your garments away


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