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August Production: Celebrate the holes in your garments!


Celebrate the holes in your garments! Embellish them with simple embroidery stitches!

This project is especially good for moth-eaten clothing or old fabric suffering from dry rot, surrounding a bunch of holes with subversive contrasting colored stitches can make a trend setting garment out a destroyed one ready for the dumpster.

This project can be done anywhere, carry it with you to the coffee shop, the park, while you are waiting for a bus, train, or on the bus and train.  Be a example for mending on the go!

You need: needle, thread, scissors, light weight fusible interfacing.

FRAU FIBER RECOMMENDS – before starting fuse a light weight interfacing around the area to be stitched.

The following stitches can be applyed around any raw edge.

RUNNING STITCH – used to outline an area to be mended.

WHIP STITCH – great for cleaning up rough edges

BLANKET STITCH – another good stitch for raw edges

2-PLY SPLIT STITCH – this stitch can create a lovely embellished edge.

Check out how artist Nava Lubelski uses embroidery stitches!

Thank to the NYC Chapter for this months production idea.  If you have ideas for instructions please drop Frau Fiber and email,

Check out the Chapter blogs for meeting places and times.