September Production Memo: Transforming old t-shirts with a binding trick from Jonas the Tailor.

This months instructions are inspired by Jonas La Baze, the Haitian Tailor I’ve been working with on MADE IN HAITI http://madeinhaiti09.worpdresscom.  Jonas began sewing at fifteen, and he has become a master craftsperson over the years!  I have learned to respect his tailoring skills, and each day we have our discussions on which techniques to use, Frau Fiber’s intentional sloppy, or Jonas’s perfectly tailored.  While on my last trip to Haiti in August, Jonas taught me a new method for binding arm and necklines.  Binding is a technique for finishing a raw edge, can be used on armholes, necklines or waste bands on skirts.  We will use binding to transform a t-shirt to a halter-top.

email for free PDF of instructions.

Sewing Rebellion Chapters hosting events:

Brooklyn Chapter

3rd Sunday of the month, 4-6:30 PM, Sapcecraft 355 Bedford Ave., between 4th and 5th streets.

Chicago Chapter

Third Sunday of the Month, 10:00 AM, Mess Hall, 6932 North Glenwood Ave, Chicago IL

Los Angeles Chapter.


Last Friday of the Month, 6-9 pm, Hands on 3rd, 8377 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA , 323.655.0515


Elephant studio, 3325 Division street 90065.  Dates YTBD, will send out details in the future.

Lancaster PA Chapter –

Santa Rosa Chapter

Santa Rosa Chapter is in transition to a new venue.  Check the blog for updates. or email Bess


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