The Triangle shirtwaste fire happened one hundred years ago, Saturday March 1911, about 3:45 pm. Killing 146 people, the deadliest event in NYC history, until the September 11 attacks.  While this tragic event may have transformed the conditions of American garment workers, it’s done nothing for those workers in developing countries who are willing to work under any conditions, fire continues consume them, in the last four months, fires have wounded and killed garment workers in India and Bangladesh.


What can we do?

Know where your garments are made.

Be an educated consumer.

Shop smart, like you do for what you put in your body.

Mend, wear it out and make it do.

Be willing to spend more, and buy less.


Finally, remember the fearless women, men and children, who have lost their lives so we can have cheep, fashionable garments.

Some actions taking place around the country to commemorate the Triangle Shirtwaste Fire:



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