April Production Memo

April 2011 Memo to the People:  Trouser MAKE-OVER

Seasonal transitions continue, and once again the zipper finds a solution for cool mornings and warm afternoons.


Chapter Meetings.


Sunday April 24, 6-9 pm, The Vintage Collective, 2122 East 4th Street, Long Beach.  562.433.8699

Brooklyn Chapter
3rd Sunday of the month, 4-6:30 PM, Sapcecraft 355 Bedford Ave., between 4th and 5th streets.

Chicago Chapter
TBA – possible Oak Park location  Stay Tuned.

Las Vegas Chapter

Los Angeles Chapter
Sunday April 17, 4-6:30 pm, Hands on 3rd, 8377 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA, 323.655.0515

Santa Rosa Chapter
Check the blog for updates.
http://sewingrebellionsantarosa.wordpress.com/ or email Bess besslake@aol.com


The Sewing Rebellion furthers the emancipation from the global garment industry by learning how to alter, mend and make their own garments and accessories!  Instigated by Frau Fiber, textile worker and activist.  Frau Fiber and / or regional chapter organizers distribute their knowledge of the garment industry, pattern making and sewing, encouraging the reuse, renovation and recycling of existing garments and textiles in the creation of unique items tailored to individual tastes and body shapes.

Bring garments to swap, mend, alter and remake and sewing problems, which need solutions, materials to share and if you have it a sewing machine.




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