Frau Fiber and the Politics of Mending

Frau Fiber will present a workshop discussing and demonstrating how to hand mend garments.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Craft activists discuss their work and lead three hands-on craft workshops. Pick your poison. Featuring Frau Fiber, self-described textile worker, the Ladies Fancywork Society, a Denver-based street graffiti crew, and Allison Smith, exhibiting artist at MCA Denver.


4 Responses to “Frau Fiber and the Politics of Mending”

  1. Neko Noir Says:

    I was at the event last night and really enjoyed hearing you speak and seeing the wonderful work you’re doing. So inspiring! Thank you.

  2. Linda Hanselman Says:

    I really enjoyed Frau Fiber at MOCA in Denver on Tuesday night. How refreshing in our throw-away society.
    I would very much like to start a Denver chapter. How do I do accomplish this? I think this would really take off here.

    • fraufiber Says:

      Hello Linda, what you need to start is a place to meet, and a chapter organizer or two, who are willing to facilitate instructions, etc. The goal is the event is free, but the NYC chapter does charge $5 for meeting space. I will provide, instructions, banner and SR patches for participants.

  3. Neko Noir Says:

    Linda – I’ll join your Denver chapter!

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