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Stitch In


Frau Fiber wants YOU – to join her in your respective cities – in a Stitch in on Friday November 25!


November Production: Answer to an email


November 2011 Memo to the People:  An email question

I am writing to you after having read an article about you and your company in the local newspaper this morning.   I would really like to continue the tradition my mom had of fixing and mending clothes but she passed away several years ago and I never really got to learn from her.  My wife is not a big sewer and it has become clear to me that if things are going to get mended, I’m the one who needs initiate the process.


I have a couple pairs of socks in particular that the heels and toes are wearing very thin but the rest of the sock that covers the ankle and further up the leg is just fine.  I do not want to throw them away because of this and I have not seen the pattern for some of these in that color (black argyle).  Plus, some of these socks are fairly thick like a winter wool grade!  My mom would use a big light bulb to darn with, covering the bulb with the sock, but that is about as much as I remember.


I am hoping that you may be able to help me by either sending directions/instructions or getting me in touch with someone knowledgeable in what you do for older clothes.  Thank you for taking the time to do what you do – I feel that America needs more folks like you as this is a tradition that (in my opinion) has been fading away and speaks to one of the core principles this country has lived by for decades – make it last!  When you make something, make it well and when something breaks, if it can be fixed, then fix it so it will last!  : )”


So with this in mind, dig through your sock drawer, find all those shabby socks, and check out this you tube video.  It’s my favorite darning video.  And you don’t need a mushroom, much like the writers mother a light bulb will work and so will a potatoe.


If you are looking for a Chapter in your community, here is the current list.

Chapter Meetings.
Brooklyn Chapter
3rd Sunday of the month, 4-6:30 PM, Sapcecraft 355 Bedford Ave., between 4th and 5th streets.

Los Angeles Chapter
Sunday November 20, 4:30-6: 30  Hands on 3rd, 8377 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA, 323.655.0515

Santa Rosa Chapter
TBA or email Bess