Call to Commemorate!


February 2012 Memo to the Sewing Rebellion: Call to Commemorate!

Infiltrate contemporary garment manufacturing by commemorating the Triangle Shirt Fire of 1911.  101 years ago, the US garment industry was rocked by a factory fire which killed 146 workers.  This tragedy transformed the garment industry in the United States forever and it was the catalyst for establishing the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

Fast forward 101 years, garment workers earn less today, then their counterparts in 1911, and fires continue to break out around the world in Bangladesh, China, and India.

Take the plight of the garment worker to the streets!

Stencil a contemporary “shirtwaist”, IE t-shirts, made in Bangladesh, China or India with one of the following questions:

In your factory, are the doors locked?

In your factory, are the windows barred?

In your factory, are the elevators locked?

In your factory, do you have access to fire escapes?

On Sunday March 25 for a 12 hours shift, wear the stenciled t-shirt, go shopping at the Gap, Forever 21 or H&M, and start a conversation with anyone who reacts to your shirt.  Use this opportunity to INFORM, EDUCATE and ACT!

Simultaneously for a 12-hour shift on March 25, Frau Fiber will continue her attempt to produce 146 commemorative shirtwaists blouses on the COLLABORATIVE BICYCLED POWERED SEWING MACHINE.  She will ask shoppers in the Fashion District to donate their power in commemoration of fallen garment workers.   Look for Frau at Maple and 13th in Downtown LA.


One Response to “Call to Commemorate!”

  1. Beatrice Says:

    Hello Sewing Rebellion!
    I have just come accross your work, Its brilliant. I am really having a serious think about usefullness in art and work. Thinking about my own work and how to continue in ways that are meaningful and useful. Your project ticks a lot of thse boxes for me. Thank you for the energy and motivation to make this work happen.I would love to participate in a project like this which has real meaning and purpose and looks great fun too. I heard Franco “Bifo” Berrardi speak last Saturday in Limerick . The poor world is surely in an awful state. his ongoing work in relation to autonomy in the (art) world and the current manifestations of the autonomy movement through Occupy whereever, is so hopeful. I love the idea of invisibility regarding ownership and art. The collective and collaborative working seems to be a great way of staying outside of the Global art market and the neo liberal agendas that are now to be found at every level. I am interested in the subversive and the non-conformist art worker. This is where true autonomy resides.

    The revolution’s here alright.
    Thanks again
    Pauline Beatrice Goggin

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