Triangle Shirt Waist Sewing guide

A Call to Commemorate!

Infiltrate contemporary garment manufacturing by commemorating the Triangle Shirt Fire of 1911.  102 years ago, the US garment industry was rocked by a factory fire which killed 146 workers.  This tragedy transformed the garment industry in the United States forever and it was the catalyst for establishing the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

Fast forward 101 years, garment workers earn less today, then their counterparts in 1911, and fires continue to break out around the world in Bangladesh, China, and India.

Join Frau Fiber in commemorating this day, by learning how to construct your own shirtwaist blouse. In 1911 when the Triangle Shirtwaist fire occurred, the ready to wear Shirtwaist blouse was a symbol of emancipation.  It provided freedom from domestic sewing allowing women to work in factories and earn their own funds.


PDF of instructions Triangle Shirt Instruction


One Response to “Triangle Shirt Waist Sewing guide”

  1. Denise Massman Says:

    When is the commemoration?

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