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Sewing Rebellion Activities in March


Thursday March 3, 1-4 pm, @ Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City MO

Friday March 4, 3:30-6:30 pm for ages 13-18 ONLY @ The Center, 2017 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

Saturday March 5, 12-4 pm @ The Center, 2017 E 4th Street, Long Beach CA

Sunday March 6, 5-9 pm @ Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms, 322 Elm Ave Long Beach CA 90802. Frau Fiber will instruct participants how to make a Shirt Waist Blouse.

Here is a short video on the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire

TSW Commemoration


Thursday March 17 & Friday March 18 7-9:30 pm @ MassART, Boston MA. A special Sewing Rebellin, addressing the problem of the T-shirt.

Sunday March 20, 10 am – 2 pm @ Helen Day Art Center, Stowe VT. Mend Alter Remake Make, and Frau Fiber will also instruct on how to make a T-shirt Waist Blouse.

Sunday March 20, 5-9 pm @ ILGWU, 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA.


Faux Frau Anna’s Knock off House Dress



2.5-3 yards of light weight cotton plain weave fabric
thread to match

This project can take 2-4 hours depending on your skill level.


For further instruction join us for the Sewing Rebellions.

Sunday Feb 7 / 21, 5-9 pm
ILGWU 322 Elm Ave

Saturday Feb 13, 12-4 pm
The Center, 2017 E. 4th Street, Long Beach CA 90814

Friday Feb 19, 3-6:30 pm
The Center, 2017 E. 4th Street, Long Beach CA 90814

Wednesday Feb 24
Thank You For Coming