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April Production


History:  The Salt March.  In protest of Britian’s Salt Acts, Ghandi lead a 240 mile,  24 day march, which concluded April 5, 1930 at the coastal village of Dandi, on the Arbian Sea, in India.

The March was prompted by Britain’s Salt Acts prohibited Indians from collecting or selling salt, a staple in the Indian diet. Citizens were forced to buy the vital mineral from the British, who exercised a monopoly and heavy taxes over the manufacture and sale of salt.


Production Action: Soft Guerrilla Nonviolent Civil Disobedient Sock Puppets

Gleaning from Gandhi’s example of protest and change, partnered with Faux Frau Judith’s sock making skills, the Sewing Rebellion will instruct participants to make sock puppets, as a vehicle for communicating soft guerrilla nonviolent civil disobedience.

Please bring miss matched and single socks for this workshop.



Saturday April 8, 12-4 pm The Center, Long Beach CA.
Hosted by Faux Frau Lauren.

Saturday April 15, 2:30-4:30 pm, The Main branch of Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach CA. Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s

Sunday April 16, 5-9 pm, ILGWU, 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA.
Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s.

Sunday April 16, 2:30-5:30 Building 61, Makers Space, Main Boulder Public Library, Boulder CO  Hosted by Faux Frau Steven Frost

Saturday April 22, 11 am – 3 pm, Thank You For Coming, 3416 Glendale Blvd LA. Hosted by Los Angeles Faux Frau’s and Frau Fiber.