June Production


LUDDITES  ATTACK 1811-1816 when textile workers in the Midlands, Yorkshire & Lancashire would attack factories by burning and smashing machines which had driven them the edge of starvation. These workers were said to be following a mythical leader known as ‘General Ludd’ and destroyed the machinery they were employed to operate. Those in the Luddite movement in Lancashire would target power looms. On 28 June the Luddites attacked Heathcote and Boden’s mill in Loughborough, smashing 53 frames at a cost of £6,000. Although the Luddites movement began to diminish due to the government force the urban Luddite movement found a rural echo in 1830 when due to low wages and unemployment the ‘Swing’ riots began. These anti establishment and anti industralisation groups were forced away and a more civil approach appeared the shape of trade unions.


FRAU FIBER’S FABRIC FLYING DICS for Freedom, Fun and Flinging Messages in the air. Made from remnants and stuffed with scraps.

FAUX FRAU STEVEN’S Boulder Backpacks

Production Times and Locations:
Sunday June 4, 2:30-5:30 Boulder Public Library 

Saturday June 10, 12-4 pm, The Center in Long Beach CA with Frau Fiber

Sunday June 18, 5-9 pm, ILGWU Long Beach CA, with Faux Frau Lauren.

For more information about the Sewing Rebellion subscribe to the blog or fine us on FB


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