The Sewing Rebellion – provides education and outreach in support of the campaigns of the  Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers and Uniforms

The Sewing Rebellion is an economic tactic for change in the apparel industry. 

The Sewing Rebellion is a free workshop, which began @ Mess Hall, in Chicago Fall of 2006.  It was hosted at Mess Hall for one year, before becoming itinerant in May 2007.  Hosted by Frau Fiber and her army of Faux Frau’s the Sewing Rebellion hosts monthly workshops at the ILGWU, Long Beach Main Library, Boulder Public Library, and pop up actions take place around the country as requested.

Participants of the Sewing Rebellion are invited to emancipate themselves from the global garment industry by learning how to alter, mend and make their own garments and accessories!  The Sewing Rebellion distributes knowledge of the garment industry, pattern making and sewing, encouraging the reuse, renovation and recycling of existing garments and textiles in the creation of unique items tailored to individual tastes and body shapes.




19 Responses to “About”

  1. CASE #20: The Sewing Rebellion « Fashion and Social Justice Says:

    […] For + information: The Sewing Rebelion […]

  2. Myrna Webb Says:

    Is there a current location for Sewing Rebellion in the Chicago area?

  3. Maya Says:

    I’m in LA and interested.

  4. Carol Berry Says:

    A group at Western Washington University would like to host a sewing rebellion training event, and start an ongoing clothing consciousness project. Would Frau fiber/Carole Lung be available to come to Bellingham, WA in 2016 – 2017?

  5. Pam Blades Says:

    Hi, I live in SF bay area. any events gonna happen here? This is so great I want to be a part of it.

    • fraufiber Says:

      Hello Pam, we are currently seeking a site and new Faux Frau’s for a Bay area Sewing Rebellion. I will be in the bay area Aug 11-15, to do so. I can add you to the mail chimp or you can subscribe to the blog for updates. Danke FF

    • fraufiber Says:

      Hi Pam, we are working on an event in San Jose. If you have any ideas about locations, or if you know anyone at the public library we would like to reach out to them.

  6. Guenevere Says:

    Hi,Fray Fiber.this is guenevere.i have a question for you.about which seam to see first.is .It the leg Seam or crotch seam.I always do it backwards

  7. Guenevere Says:

    Thanks for your continued encouragement and patence.Danke schon.

  8. SewDope Says:

    How do i join? What are your locations and contact info? When is the next time you meet?

  9. Maes Mayer Says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! Any chance you have a chapter in Cleveland Ohio,

  10. Mary Senchyna Says:

    Just found out about your great rebellion! I live in Oakland, CA—-anything happening on this side of the Bay or win SF? Thanks much for your work!
    Mary Senchyna

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