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FAUX FRAU Toro Castano


Toro is a Long Beach based independent curator, with an MA from USC in curatorial studies with a focus on public practice. His current projects include providing research assistance to artist Tania Bruguera, and to Sylvere Lotinger founder of Semiotext(e), the publisher known for introducing French theory.


Toro has been an active Sewing Rebellion participant for the past year and he is interested in non-traditional forms of art and teaching, offered at no cost, with the goal of building community and self-empowerment.  For Toro, the ILGWU offers the opportunity to be part of a a participatory art practice and to use his leisure time to offer labor and to engage in gestures of generosity.




FAUX FRAU Gladys Garcia


Gladys Garcia is a lifelong resident of Long Beach, CA.  She spends much of her free time crafting, volunteering, and with her two dogs.  She always had an interest in sewing and wanted to expand her creative abilities, luckily for her she came across the Sewing Rebellion while walking in her neighborhood.

Gladys became a Faux Frau because she believes the Sewing Rebellion is a positive resource for Long Beach and it’s residents.  She hopes to expand her sewing skills all the while teaching new participants what she has learned by attending the Sewing Rebellion.