Frau Fiber approved list of supplies and suppliers

Sewing Machines:

Vintage Singer machines that have been serviced are great for the sewer who likes to also be a mechanic.

New machines Janome and Singer make good home machines, remember to keep it simple and you get what you pay for.  If you purchase a 60$ it’s going to break and you can’t fix it yourself.

When purchase items like to order materials from Wawak  you can get most items at reasonable prices. You can find most of these items:
2″ x 18″ clear ruler
Tailors chalk
Tape measure
Machine needles for home machines

I find Gütermann thread to be a very good quality. I also buy industry left overs in downtown LA and TJ.

Invest in fabric scissors, they will last a life time if you take care of them. I have had good success with Ginger . You will want a pair for cutting and small  clipping threads.

I prefer using silk pins from Steinlauf and Stoller in NYC.


  • Denim, muslin, jersey, plain weave cottons.
  • Up-cycle from supply chain: jeans without stretch, collard shirts, t-shirts are good for several Sewing Rebellion Projects.







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