Elon Sewing Rebellion


Elon University Maker’s Hub, the Department of Art and Art History and local Faux Frau LM Woods,  hosted a Sewing Rebellion on Feb. 21.

Students and Faculty produced East German Shopping Bags, Boulder Bike Caps, Mend America patches and did some mending.

Photographer: Emily Genzer












From Boulder


Faux Frau Steven Frost rocks!  check out this video on the Boulder Chapters Mend America stitch in.



Looking back @ The Silk Strike, Paterson NJ 1913

the fought for: 3-8’s WORK, REST, PLEASURE

They were:
Skilled immigrant labor
cut across traditional lines of craft and sex

The convergence between art, socialism, the women’s movement and the industrial union movement, the personal and the political defined the silk strike of 1913. The feminist movement and the industrial union movement were transforming America in 1913; IWW strikes and the battle for women’s suffrage were the symptoms and the instruments of progress.

2017:  how many workers in the gig economy have 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of pleasure?

silk mill workers assemble for a rally outside the Botto House.

Body Banners: personal free speech wearables.

frau fiber’s sample Kaftan Body Banner, made from t-shirts, jersey remnants and muslin.



  • Materials: MAKE DO
  • Techniques: stencil / simple rectangle garments, up-cycling over printing on t-shirts.
  • Stencil your message on a:
    • hat
    • scarf
    • kaftan
    • t-shirt, cape
    • sash
    • halter tops

Sunday Feb. 5, 2:30-5:30 Building 61, Makers Space, Main Boulder Public Library, Boulder CO  Hosted by Faux Frau Steven Frost

Saturday Feb. 11, 12-4 pm The Center, Long Beach CA. Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s

Thursday Feb. 16, 5-7 pm, The Main branch of Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach CA. Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s

Library participants made Boulder Bicycle Caps


Gloria, Emma, Marbely, Jokson and Chase.

Sunday Feb. 19, 5-9 pm, ILGWU, 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA.  Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s.

anonymous Body Banner participants:




Tuesday Feb. 21, 6-8 pm, Maker Hub, Harper Hall, Colonnades Neighborhood, Elon University, Elon NC

Saturday Feb. 25, 11 am – 3 pm, Thank You For Coming, 3416 Glendale Blvd LA.  Hosted by Los Angeles Faux Frau’s and Frau Fiber.

Good Not Goods


Good not Goods

The Sewing Rebellion continues it’s commitment to providing equipment and knowledge to make do and mend, while also committing this year to looking back at the history of labor and protest, as a model for being vigilant participants today.

workers organize
women lead
history repeats
1912: Lawrence Textile Strike AKA Blood and Roses

As we come marching, marching, unnumbered women dead Go crying through our singing their ancient cry for bread. Small art and love and beauty their drudging spirits knew.
Yes, it is bread we fight for – but we fight for roses, too.
by James Oppenheim


Stop Shopping Start Expressing Your Freedom of Speech!
banner making basics

make do. any material can be a banner.

applique.  ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck (pinned, fused, stapled) onto a large piece of fabric to form images and text.

Use: your voice on a pole, on your bike, on your car, in your yard, and one your body.



Sewing Rebellion Production Schedule: 

Sunday January 8, 2:30-5:30 pm, The Boulder Public Library 

Saturday January 14, 12-4 pm The Center 

Sunday January 15, 5-9 pm ILGWU

Saturday January 21, 2:30-4:30 pm, The Main Library 

Thursday January 26, 3-6:30 pm, TEENS ONLY The Center

Saturday Jan 28, 11 am – 3 pm, Thank You For Coming 

December Production



Friday Dec. 2, 3-6:30 pm, MTYE Ages 13-18, The Center   Quilt making and Doll Making

Sunday Dec. 4, 2:30-5:30 pm, Boulder Public Library

Sunday Dec. 4, 11 am – 5 pm, MOLAA Craft & Beyond Festival  From the scrap bin / Holiday card making

Saturday Dec. 10, 12-4 pm, The Center  From the scrap bin / Holiday card making and mending.

November Production


Saturday Nov 6, 2:30-5:30 pm Project: Cycling Caps Boulder Public Library

Project at the following SR: t-shirt up cycle covers for bowls, and casseroles, bring a t-shirt to up-cycle.

Saturday Nov 5/6, 11 am – 3 pm, Thank You For Coming, 3416 Glendale Blvd, LA

Saturday Nov 6, 5-9 pm, ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA.

Saturday Nov 12, 12-4 pm, The Center 2017 E 4th Street, Long Beach CA

Saturday Nov. 19, 2:30-4:40 pm, The Studio @ Downtown Library 101 Pacific Ave, Long Beach

Sunday Nov. 20, 5-9 pm, ILGWU 322 Elm Ave Long Beach CA



200 masks made at Makers Faire


Faux Frau Steven Frost and Maker space director Janet held court with some amazing new Faux Fraus at the Boulder Maker Faire They worked 9-5 Saturday and Sunday Oct 8th and 9th making masks from denim and cut up recycled old Halloween fabrics we found. No Super Heroes, no princesses, just kids learning to sew! Steven embodied Frau Fibers production techniques by  standardizing the sizes of masks and ways to make. Hiding feathers that a mom whipped out because it was slowing down “production.”


SMALLJohn and girl in cat dress.jpg

SMALLCody Lots of kids.jpg


janet and mask girl.jpg

and Steven made this custom apron for one of the volunteers.



Center Sewing Rebellion Saturday Sept. 25


Knock off Knit Dress by Faux Frau Krista.  This garment was patterned, cut and sewn in one session!





Over sized men’s shirt remake by Faux Frau Anna.  The sleeves were used to make detachable pockets.






Hoody Patch by unnamed participant.  Old t-shirts were used to make this one of a kind garment.








In October


Halloween Hoody Production  and halloween-costume-manifesto


Sunday Oct 2 2:30-5:30 @ Boulder Public Library Maker Space, Boulder Co.

Sunday Oct 2, 5-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, LB CA

Saturday Oct 8 , 12-4 pm @ The Center 2017 E 4th Street, LB CA

Saturday Oct 15, 2:30-4:30 pm @ The Studio, Long Beach Public Library,  101 Pacific Ave, LB CA

Sunday Oct 16, 5-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, LB CA

Friday Oct 21, 3-6 pm MTYE @The Center 2017 E 4th Street, LB CA




September 2016 production


This months Sewing Rebellion presents: Faux Frau Steven’s Denim Tool Belt.  This simple quick to make tool belt, will provide a lifetime of wear for the novice home repair person.

Meeting Dates and Times:

Sunday Sept. 4, 2:30-5:30 @ Boulder Public Library Maker Space, Boulder Co.  http://calendar.boulderlibrary.org/event/2769230

Sunday Sept. 4, 5-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, LB CA

Saturday Sept. 17, 2:30-4:30 pm @ The Studio, Long Beach Public Library,  101 Pacific Ave, LB CA

Sunday Sept. 18, 5-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, LB CA

Saturday Sept. 24, 12-4 pm @ The Center 2017 E 4th Street, LB CA