Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers @ Haystack

Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers: basic training for future Faux Frau’s.

The time is now! Take up your sewing machines and hand sewing needles honoring the labor behind the label. Under the direction of Frau Fiber participants will undertake a series of basic sewing, mending and fashion hacking maneuvers with the intention of training and initiating participants to become Faux Frau’s*.  Learn to mend with contrasting colors, drawing attention to extend the life of the garments you wear.  Modify your clothing, turn your jeans into shorts when the knee holes get too big; turn your t-shirts into shopping bags; and an old table cloth into a skirt.  Keep a lookout for unwanted cloth and make yourself an apron, poncho or Frisbee.  Be proud, share and wear your mended and self-made clothing with pride!

*   At the completion of this course you have the option of swearing into the order of the Faux Frau’s and consider how to instigate a Sewing Rebellion in your own community.

This is a working document and is subject to small modifications, please visit before to depart for Haystack.

Trainee’s equipment and materials list: the intention of this workshop is to make do with what you have, what you can barrow, or glean from the supply chain (thrift, yard sale, etc)

  • Sewing Machine
  • Extra Table Top Light / head lamp
  • Machine needles
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Small thread scissors
  • Silk Pins
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Thread
  • Pencils
  • Tailors Chalk
  • 2′ x 18″ clear ruler
  • tape measure
  • 3 – 5 lbs Fabric Remnants (denim, cotton, and some fun stuff)
  • 3-7 yards or pieces of misc. fabric (sheets, table linens,  cotton yardage you have on hand)
  • Cloths to be altered (pants, skirts, jackets)
  • Clothes to be upcycled into new items (t-shirts, jeans, etc.)
  • 2 xl men’s collared shirts
  • Socks and/ or sweater to be darned (yarn to darn with)
  • Old wool sweaters to use for lining hats
  • Old buttons
  • Zippers you have on hand
  • Simple readymade garment pattern and fabric and notions to go with it
  • paper or note book for taking notes


Working Schedule
Sunday June 24 after dinner
Introduction to the SR and our training time together:
Set Up Room
Tools / Machines / Set-up
Techniques: hand drawing, sewing machine as drawing machine

Monday June 25: Slogans
9 am-12 pm Personal Patches
Techniques: hand stitching
Materials: denim remnants

1-4 pm Collaborative Banners
Techniques: Applique / Top Stitching

  • 1 yard wonder under (provided by haystack)
  • ½ lb. fabric remnants
  • banner fabric

Tuesday June 26

9 am-12 pm Modern Mending and Pattern weights
Techniques: Patching Jeans, Darning Socks and sweater and bring your own mending Frau Fiber will make suggestions.

  • Garments to mend
  • Socks or sweaters to darn
  • Yarn the weight of garments to be darned
  • Patching remnants

1-4 pm Making Do

  • Hems
  • fit
  • simple modifications
  • Slash, pivot and piece to remake garments


  • XL Men’s shirt that are too big for you
  • Other garments to alter and modify


Wednesday June 27 Penny Pinching and Mend Kit
9 am-12 pm Circle, Square, Triangle
Techniques:  Textiles 1.0, exposed and flap zippers, 3-D sewing


  • 8 to 12″ regular zippers
  • 3 – ½ yard fabric remnants

 1-4 pm Fabric flyers and plush toys

Techniques: piece werk, circular sewing,  notching, and stuffing

  • ¼ to ½ yard fabric remnants
  • Small scraps for stuffing

Thursday June 28 Bags and Packs   

9 am-12 pm East German Shopping Bags

Techniques: zippers, lining, and top stitching

  • 1-yard outer fabric: denim, canvas, poplin, or other heavy weight woven fabrics.
  • 1-yard lining: light weight cotton
  • optional zippers for pockets


1-4 pm Draw String Back Packs

Techniques: casings, patch pockets, ties
Materials: 1-yard med – heavy weight fabric

Friday June 29 Piece Werk

9 am-12 pm Using old clothing and remnants to make new fabric
Techniques: piecing fabrics together from old cloths to make new textiles for use in making objects and garments.

Materials: 1 – 2 lb. of remnants

1-4 pm  Collaborative Sewing Production: East German Shopping Bag

Techniques: collaboration, piece work production, timed sewing


  • Piece Worked Fabric
  • ½ yard solid cotton
  • optional regular zippers


Saturday June 30 Every revolution needs a good Hat

9 am-12 pm Boulder Bike Cap

Techniques: seaming, top stitching, lining, sewing a curve

Materials: ½ -1 lb. fabric remnants


1-4 pm Knock off Trapper Hat

Techniques: complicated pattern piecing, lining, button loops, and top stitching


  • ½ yard heavy weight outer fabric
  • ½ yard warm wool, fun fur or fleece fabric
  • Buttons

Sunday July 1 Utility  

9 am – 12 pm Pockets and Tools belts

Techniques: multi layered pockets, top stitching, looping, binding


  • 1 lb. remnants and or 1 pair of jeans and 1 t-shirt or
  • ½ yard of denim
  • ½ yard of lining fabric


1-4 pm Shirt Aprons

Techniques: slash and pivot, turn and roll hem, reading a pattern


  • 1 xl men’s dress shirt
  • 2 yards of cotton fabric for apron


Monday July 2 a garment in one day   

Techniques: vary depending on your patterns

  • Simple garment pattern (skirt, blouse, shorts, pants)
  • Fabric and notions as per the pattern


Tuesday July 3 Creating your own instructions

9-12 drawing and written instructions

1-4 Performing instructions

Techniques: simple drawing, how to write instructions, how to demo instructions


Wednesday July 4  Video instructions  

Each participant or groups of participants will develop an instructional video.


Thursday July 5

Finish up and clean up

Faux Frau Swearing in

Auction and Studio Tours


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