Super Sewing on Superbowl Sunday!


Full house at the Sewing Rebellion this past week:

Mr. O'C gets instruction from FF on how to sew on a  patch

Mr. O’C gets instruction from FF on how to sew on a patch


First timer Josue brought four pairs of jeans to hem.

First timer Josue brought four pairs of jeans to hem.


Heming, patching, mending, it's all on a Super Bowl Sunday.

Toro, Mr O’C and Michael, are heming, patching, mending.



Andrea, is doing some knock off pattern making of her favorite yoga pants.

Gladys used her math skills to pattern a scallop on a blouse!

Gladys used her math skills to pattern a scallop on a blouse!

Josue completed the hemming of his jeans.

Josue completed the hemming of his jeans.


Mr O’C shared this comic strip with the group!






Mr. O’C


Mr. O’C is a new participant, who achieved a pile of mending:  jeans, shirt sleeves and his favorite shopping bag.


Faux Frau Training


Saturday, March 15 2014

10 am – 3 pm



Do you have sewing skills?

Do you want to support Sewing Rebellions in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and your own communities?









Then Frau Fiber wants you to be a leader in her resistance army of sewers, by becoming a Faux Frau!


  • You will learn how to operate all the machines at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms!
  • Learn how to share your sewing knowledge!
  • Learn how to instruct basic sewing skills!
  • Learn how to create written instructions!


Upon completion of this course participants will be awarded an official certificate of Sewing Rebellion operations, a replica of Frau Fiber’s cap and Sewing Rebellion patches.



A healthy energizing lunch will be served.

Crazy Quilt


Frau Fiber wants you to generate warmth from all your fabric scraps!  Crazy Quilt!

This Sunday, 4-7 pm at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms, 346 E 3rd Street, Long Beach CA.  Frau Fiber will demonstrate crazy quilt techniques, hand sewing, machine sewing, hand embroidery and quilting.


Here are a few samples of what is possible!




Frau Fiber wants you to Quilt!



Wondering what to do with all your scraps, or you could use some of mine.  Piece, stitch, combine and layer to create a warm winter blanket!


A quilt is a type of blanket, traditionally composed of 3 layers of cloth and fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of wadding or batting and a woven back, the layers are combined using a quilt stitch or tie.  The stitch can be done by hand or machine.  Quilting by hand provides a wonderful opportunity to slow down and bring a community of people together.


Here are some samples:

Victorian Mourning quilts

The Names Project: AIDS quilt

Amish Quilts 

Gee’s Bends Quilts 

Modern Quilt Guild

T-shirt Quilts


Work Apron Production


A Work Apron is an outer protective garment that overs the front and back of the body.  The work apron is a common part of the work uniform for garment and textile workers, as well as waitresses, nurses, domestic workers, homemakers, cooks, blacksmiths and artists.






Frau Fiber’s LA Fashion District Walking Tour


so you can purchase fabrics like a garment worker.  Join Frau Fiber on Saturday Nov. 16, 9:30 AM @ ILGWU 346 E 3rd Street in the Art X complex, Long Beach for a trip to the LA Fashion District.  Bring your bikes for distance from train to 9th street.  Frau will show you her favorite fabric stores, as well as demonstrate how to negotiate with vendors.  If you live in LA, meet at Michael Levine on 9th and Maple at 10:30.



Sewing Rebellion Cancelled


Dear all, due to unforseen circumstances, Frau will be unable to lead the SR today. However you can sew from 11 am – 7 pm, during the Pussy Riot Sew in.  So awesome LA artist / sewers will be present to assist and inform.



SR partners with Long Beach Time Exchange


Long Beach Time Exchange, will be co-sponsoring the following Sewing Rebellions.   Come use time dollars to use how to sew!


  • Oct 27 – Halloween Costume Mending and Hoodie remake
  • Nov 17 – Festive napkins and table cloths
  • Dec 15 – TBT

Keeping the the textile alive


This weeks production consist of: mending a back pack,


changing the hem line on a dress, deconstructing denim jeans for new projects (Kim)



pegging some thrift store pants, and using favorite t-shirt logos, to generate a pillow case.  (Dawn)





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