Frau Fiber instructs how to make a surgical mask


VIDEO: How to make a face mask by textile artist Carole Frances Lung

From the field – Face Mask Resources


Thank you all who have been emailing Face mask information, links are gathered for sharing here:

PPE Patterns


LA Chamber of Commerce:



Click to access 02_COVID_Mask-Instructions_v9.pdf

Click to access 02_COVID_Mask-Instructions_v9.pdf

Click to access 02_COVID_Mask-Instructions_v9.pdf


Click to access 02_COVID_Mask-Instructions_v9.pdf

Front Line Workers in Need


Frau Fiber want’s you to join the supply chain and sew for front line workers! (inspiring photos USA today article of masks people are making out of everyday materials)

After investigating styles and materials the Sewing Rebellion recommends the following:

using these sites and others like them to support the need

Suggested pattern (requests are for surgical style)

Fabric Face Mask with TIES OR ELASTIC

How to make a Face Mask to help Health Care Providers

materials you might have at home

What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?




Sewing Rebellion Withdrawals Chapters


Frau Fiber call’s for rapid withdrawal of all Sewing Rebellion chapters! as Frau Fiber declares, “a victory for sewing!”

The Sewing Rebellion began at Mess Hall in Chicago IL in 2006 and in these past thirteen years the Rebellion has had many forms: regional, national and international itinerant pop-ups; semi-regular and weekly meetings at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms in downtown Long Beach; nationally scaled out monthly meetings hosted by trained Faux Frau’s in partnership with community organizations, LGBTQAI Centers, Public Libraries, and Art Spaces. The Faux Frau’s and Frau Fiber built a solid foundation for the sharing of sewing skills and because of their exceptional performance the Faux Frau’s are being given honorable discharges from all Sewing Rebellion duties. However, Frau Fiber encourages them to continue engaging with their individual community sewing needs.


The Sewing Rebellion was supported by Cal State LA Center for Service, Engagement and the Public Good; United States Artist Award and Long Beach Arts Council.  The Sewing Rebellion will continue as the educational arm of the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms, producing instructional videos and tech packs in support of supply chain social justice campaigns. These educational resources will be available through, itinerant Rebellions, the blog and YouTube channel.  All are welcome to use these resources in support of being global citizens who mend, sew and make do.


May Day 2020 The ILGWU will host a celebration honoring the Sewing Rebellion and the service of the Faux Fraus with an exhibition of portraits, uniforms and happy participants @ ILGWU South of the 710, 322 Elm Ave Long Beach CA 90802. Faux Frau’s are asked to donate uniforms hats and aprons to the ILGWU archive.   The ILGWU archive will care for, and include these items in publications and exhibitions, and Faux Frau’s will be credited.

Borderland Sewing Rebellion


The Sewing Rebellion invited attendees of the Borderland Noise Fest to stitch and sew.  Participants created a hand stitch community pennant flags.

T-shirt Fest in Tijuana


Hosted by NettNett Frau Fiber took the Sewing Rebellion: the t-shirt is the problem  to the 2nd annual T-shirt Fest.  Participants were invited to make rope, and other objects (developed by Cal State LA Fashion, Fiber and Materials students) using the t-shirt as the raw materials.


Soup, Solidarity and the Sewing Rebellion @ MOLAA


Join Frau Fiber in celebrating international workers at MOLAA

Race to the bottom


Sewing Rebellion, economic tactic for change of the fast fashion apparel system, and educational arm of the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms.

The t-shirt is the problem: the race to the bottom


According to the United States Trade Office, 83% percent of Honduran textiles exported to the United States, making Honduras the United States number one supplier of cotton T-shirts.  Honduras’ goals for the textile sector, includes increasing annual exports to United States by $7.4 billion and adding 200,000 low paying jobs, comprising nearly 260 companies operating in 16 industrial parks. Honduras’ goal is to surpass Indonesia and Mexico to become the United States’ fifth most important apparel provider. Under the Free Trade Agreement of Central America (CAFTA) Honduran t-shirts are free access to the US market, while Honduran’s wanting to immigrate to the United States are not. The 2008 census estimated nearly 1 million Hondurans and approximately 200 million t-shirts reside in stores, homes, and landfills in the United States. In the United States the t-shirt is a natural resource, which can be used to make upcycled garments, rugs, rope, and other hand-crafted goods, as we consider how to make this material last longer to help the environment, I want you to consider the people who labor to make this material.

In solidarity Frau Fiber


This month the Sewing Rebellion will revisit two t-shirt projects:

Beginning – Infinity Scarf by Faux Frau Steven
Advanced – Faux t-shirt wrap dress by Faux Frau Lauren


Restructuring Statement


To capitalize on today’s rapidly changing sewing landscape and more closely align with the Sewing Rebellions priorities for future growth – including creating high-quality support for Faux Frau’s, global outward expansion of Rebellions, and direct sewing support through training materials.  The Sewing Rebellion announces a strategic reorganization and change of Frau Fiber’s role in weekly, and monthly Sewing Rebellions.  The reorganization will begin Sept 1, with completion by Jan 1, 2019.

“The Sewing Rebellion is positioning itself for the future of sewing, creating a more effective framework to serve future sewers worldwide, and increase growth by recruiting new Faux Frau’s”. In order to make room for this growth I will be stepping down from hosting regular Sewing Rebellions and devote my time to the creation of support materials: videos, production packages, and training sessions.  This will allow for much needed new leadership”, said Frau Fiber, founder of the Sewing Rebellion.

July MYTE Sewing Rebellion


The MTYE Teens have finished their quilt, and a mustache too!