Travel Mend Kit


This months Sewing Rebellion presents TRAVEL MEND KIT, perfect for taking with you when away from your sewing machine.

The mend kit is perfect for using up small pieces of fabric and old jeans.  The mend pages are made from t-shirt jersey or felt.

Here is a PDF of the pattern Mend Kit pattern




Celebrate Workers!


Celebrating International Workers Day all month long, the Sewing Rebellion will be providing instruction on the making of shirt aprons!


Sunday May 6, 2:30-5:30 Building 61, Makers Space, Main Boulder Public Library, Boulder CO  Hosted by Faux Frau Steven Frost

May 22, 4-7 pm, inventHQ 6 Garden Center, Broomfeild, Co

Sunday May 6, 12-4 pm, Paper Machine 6330 St. Claude Ave, NOLA (NOLA will be making piece work pillow cases)

Saturday May 12, 11 am – 2 pm, Camera Obscura Art Lab, 1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica CA

Thursday May 10, 4-7 pm, Baldwin Hills Public Library 

Saturday May 19, 10:30 am -1:30 pm, The Main branch of Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach CA.  Hosted by Frau Fiber or Long Beach Faux Frau’s

Every Sunday of the month, 5-9 pm, ILGWU, 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA.

Asheville NC:  Pack Memorial Library, TBA

Spring Cleaning



Suggested Activity:  Spring Cleaning and solving the problem of the t-shirt. Bring your old t-shirts and transform them into yarn for making pot holders, wash cloths, and towels.  


Samples by Faux Frau Krista Feld

Asheville NC:  Pack Memorial Library, TBD,

Boulder, Co: Boulder Public Library BLDG 61 Makers Space, Sunday April 8, 2:30-5:30 pm

Baldwin Hills, Ca: Baldwin Hills Library, Thursday April  12, 3-7 pm

Long Beach, Ca:  ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, 5-9 pm, April 8, 22, 29

Long Beach, Ca: The Studio, Main Branch Library, Saturday April 21, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Los Angeles: California African American Museum, Sunday April 15, 12-4 pm

New Orleans, LA: Paper Machine, 6330 St. Claude Ave,  Sunday April 8, 12-4 pm, Sunday April 8

Santa Monica, Ca: Camera Obscura Art Lab, Saturday April 14, 11 am – 2 pm

NOLA Sewing Rebellion


The NOLA Sewing Rebellion could happen without the partnership with RicRACK and Antenna Works.

Faux Frau Jeannie hosted, and participants learned how to make Grocery Sacks and Reversible Boho Bags.


Left to right: Cissy, Michelle, Chia, Maria, Maxx and Hope

Left to right: Michelle, Chia, Maria, Jeannie, Lindsay, Maxx



Hope and Jeannie




Hope, Michelle and Maria




Sewing Rebellions in March


Suggested Activity:  Commemorating the 107th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, Frau Fiber wants you to transform a men’s dress shirt into a Triangle Shirtwaist blouse

Asheville NC:  Pack Memorial Library, 6-7:30 pm, Tuesday March 20,  “Rugged Wears” denim repairs

Boulder,  Co: Boulder Public Library BLDG 61 Makers Space, Sunday March 4, 2:30-5:30 pm

Baldwin Hills, Ca: Baldwin Hills Library, 3-7 pm, Thursday March 8

Long Beach, Ca:  ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, 5-9 pm  March 4, 11, 18 and  on March 25,  FF Krista will host Triangle shirtwaist commemoration on the 107th anniversary.   5-9 pm sewing and screening of the True Cost about 7 pm. 

Long Beach, Ca: The Studio, Main Branch Library, Saturday March 17, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

New Orleans, LA: Paper Machine, 6330 St. Claude Ave, 12-4 pm, Sunday March 4 Making a simple shopping bag

Santa Monica, Ca: Camera Obscura Art Lab, Saturday March 10, 11 am – 2 pm




Infinity Scarf


From the Boulder Chapter of the Sewing Rebellion, this great infinity scarf project.





Instructional Video


Vintage Singer Sewing Machines General Information


Jan 2018
Content collected by Kathleen Smith a Sewing Rebellion participant in Baldwin Hills
Posted with permission

Cleaning and Oiling and Other Information (applies to any vintage sewing machine)

-Only use oil sold as sewing machine oil. No WD40, no 3 in 1 oil etc.

-Maas metal polish is good for chromed metal parts such as the needle plate.

-Evaporust is good for soaking rusted parts. Available at home improvement stores.

-Painted parts should be wiped down with a dry cloth. Don’t use any water on machine or any other solution on the machine. If you need to clean the painted parts, then lightly clean with kerosene on a rag being very gentle around decals. Do this in a well ventilated area. Only use clear high grade kerosene. Only kerosene! The clear coat is shellac based and will be compromised badly using anything else. Many sad stories of wrecked paint jobs on line 😦

-You can dip q tips in kerosene to reach all areas underneath to clean if you need to in the future. Use q tips sparingly as the fibers can remain in the works (not good).

-Then polish the painted parts with a carnuba wax like Zymol (available at auto parts stores). Do small areas at a time. Do not let it dry before wiping off. Several coats are good. Use cotton rags.

-Then, going forward, oil at least every 8 hours of sewing per the instructions in the manual. Oil only with real sewing machine oil. Put one drop in each spot indicated in the manual Wipe off any excess oil with a cotton rag. Put one drop of oil in the bobbin case area every time you sew. Put the drop of oil on the piece of felt that is there. If there is no felt, put the drop in the general bobbin case area.

-Take the needle plate off after each sewing session and brush the lint out. Brush underneath, too. Check for any pieces of thread that are caught.

-Change the belt when it starts to get cracked.

-Only use metal not plastic bobbins. Obtain reproductions from a reputable dealer such as those listed below.

-Change the needle after every big project or at least every 8 hours of sewing. Use Schmetz brand.

-Always hold on to the thread tails when you begin to sew so they don’t get caught in the bobbin area.

-Store the machine in the house, not a garage or other unheated area.


Rehab of Cabinets


For the wood, restorers often use first Howard’s Restor-a-Finish and then use Howard’s Feed and Wax. There is information on-line about what to use on the “irons” (metal underneath treadle parts and mechanisms) to clean them and polish them. There are parts available on-line as well if any are needed to get the mechanism working. Ask Cindi Peters below. She is an expert.


Reputable vendors for bobbins, belts, and other parts


Cindi Peters at

What you would want to say to her in an email is explain what machine you have (maker/year) and what part you are looking for. Give her your postal address. And then she will email you back with the price plus shipping. Payment is by PayPal. She does not have an online shop. It is all by email. She is in Minnesota. (for good information and also parts) Helen Howes Treadle On group with information about all things treadle

Run by the Henry Family. Info for 221/222 featherweights but the information, especially videos, are applicable to all vintage machines.


Facebook Groups


Hand Crank Sewing Machines (Dwaine Konshak is the admin) (next listing is the companion sales page)

Hand Crank Sewing Machines for Sale (Dwaine Konshak is the admin. He posts pictures and descriptions of the machines he has for sale on this page)

Vintage Sewing Machines (next listing is the companion sales page)

Enabler’s Alert (for Vintage Sewing Machines and related items) Use this whole title to search for it on Facebook.

Singer Vintage Sewing Machines

Vintage and Antique Singer Sewing Machines & Products

Singer 66 and 99 Sewing Machines

Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers


Sewing Rebellion Maneuvers: basic training for future Faux Frau’s @ Haystack the Mountain School of Crafts

The time is now! Take up your sewing machines and hand sewing needles honoring the labor behind the label. Under the direction of Frau Fiber participants will undertake a series of basic sewing, mending and fashion hacking maneuvers with the intention of training and initiating participants to become Faux Frau’s*.  Learn to mend with contrasting colors, drawing attention to extend the life of the garments you wear.  Modify your clothing, turn your jeans into shorts when the knee holes get too big; turn your t-shirts into shopping bags; and an old table cloth into a skirt.  Keep a lookout for unwanted cloth and make yourself an apron, poncho or frisbee.  Be proud, share and wear your mended and self-made clothing with pride!

*   At the completion of this course you have the option of swearing into the order of the Faux Frau’s, and consider how to instigate a Sewing Rebellion in your own community.

Haystack class

Sewing Rebellion Vimeo Channel


Find instructions 


January 2017 Production



Sundays, Jan 7, 21, 28; 5-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA. Production activity: Make do, Mend and T-shirt Infinity Scarves by FF Steven
Sunday Jan 7, 2:30-5:30 pm Boulder Co Production activity: T-shirt infinity scarves by FF Steven
Thursday Jan 11, 4-7 pm, Baldwin Hills Public Library  – Production Activity: Zines and T-shirt shopping bags with Ziba
NEW LOCATION Saturday Jan 13, 11 am – 2 pm, Camera Obscura Art Lab, 1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica CA Production activity: Make do and Mend with Faux Frau Krista and Judith


Sunday Jan 14, 12-5 pm, Antenna Gallery, Production Activity: Drawstring Backpacks with Frau Fiber