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from Frau Fiber’s Los Angeles resource guide:

2001 S Alameda Street, LA CA 90058

Carmel – Wool, Silk, Linen
432 East 9th Street #1, LA CA 90015

Ashanti – Mud Cloth and African Prints
224 E 9th Street LA CA 90015

Fabric Planet – Everything and Trims
220 E 8th Street, LA CA 90013

Berger Beads – Beads and Trims
Former Location 413 E 8th Street, LA CA 90014

Now on-line only

ACE – Machines and Notions
214 E. 8th Street, LA CA 90014

Bega – Machine repair
106 E. 8th Street LA CA 90014

B Black and sons – Tailoring, wool and shirting
548 S Los Angeles Street, LA CA 90013

American Apparel – THE COMPETITION!
747 Warehouse Street, Los Angeles



Modern Machen: Mitered Corners


The March Sewing Rebellion will focus on mitered corner finishes for napkins, table cloths and blankets.  Bring your fabrics to make your own set of napkins.



We will also be making reusable lunch bags.  Bring your denim jeans, cotton plain weave shirts to use  to as the fabrics for these great lunch bags.




The Sewing Rebellion will be meeting March 1 and 15, 5-9 pm.

Piece Werk Projects in February


This month Frau Fiber will demonstrate small scale quilt making with functional adaptations.  We will exploring piece together quilt tops, hand stitching vs. machine stitching, and the community aspects of quilt making.


The Sewing Rebellion meets Sunday Feb 1 and Feb 15, 5-9 pm.
322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA



Machen Modern


January 4 / 18 5-9 pm,

Frau Fiber demo construction of duvet and pillow covers, in the modern east german style.

To make your own, bring the following materials: for a full size Duvet and two pillow covers, 8-10 yards of fabric 60” – 45” wide/ or 3 full size flat sheets.



Modern Machen Production:






Ask Frau Fiber


The Faux Frau’s asked Frau Fiber how to pattern a circle skirt.  Faux Frau Lauren did a great job of demoing last night and here is an on line instruction on  How to Sew a Circle Skirt

Sewing Rebellion Production Shut Down


Dear Sewing Rebellion participants,

The Long Beach Sewing Rebellion will cease production during the relocation of the ILGWU.  Production will begin again on Sunday Nov. 9, 2014 during it’s new time of 5-9 pm.


Danke Frau Fiber and the Faux Fraus



FAUX FRAU Toro Castano


Toro is a Long Beach based independent curator, with an MA from USC in curatorial studies with a focus on public practice. His current projects include providing research assistance to artist Tania Bruguera, and to Sylvere Lotinger founder of Semiotext(e), the publisher known for introducing French theory.


Toro has been an active Sewing Rebellion participant for the past year and he is interested in non-traditional forms of art and teaching, offered at no cost, with the goal of building community and self-empowerment.  For Toro, the ILGWU offers the opportunity to be part of a a participatory art practice and to use his leisure time to offer labor and to engage in gestures of generosity.




FAUX FRAU Gladys Garcia


Gladys Garcia is a lifelong resident of Long Beach, CA.  She spends much of her free time crafting, volunteering, and with her two dogs.  She always had an interest in sewing and wanted to expand her creative abilities, luckily for her she came across the Sewing Rebellion while walking in her neighborhood.

Gladys became a Faux Frau because she believes the Sewing Rebellion is a positive resource for Long Beach and it’s residents.  She hopes to expand her sewing skills all the while teaching new participants what she has learned by attending the Sewing Rebellion.


Super Sewing on Superbowl Sunday!


Full house at the Sewing Rebellion this past week:

Mr. O'C gets instruction from FF on how to sew on a  patch

Mr. O’C gets instruction from FF on how to sew on a patch


First timer Josue brought four pairs of jeans to hem.

First timer Josue brought four pairs of jeans to hem.


Heming, patching, mending, it's all on a Super Bowl Sunday.

Toro, Mr O’C and Michael, are heming, patching, mending.



Andrea, is doing some knock off pattern making of her favorite yoga pants.

Gladys used her math skills to pattern a scallop on a blouse!

Gladys used her math skills to pattern a scallop on a blouse!

Josue completed the hemming of his jeans.

Josue completed the hemming of his jeans.


Mr O’C shared this comic strip with the group!






Mr. O’C


Mr. O’C is a new participant, who achieved a pile of mending:  jeans, shirt sleeves and his favorite shopping bag.



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